strong infrastructure igaming VERTICAL UNLIMITED BUDGET


One of the leading media
buying companies
in the iGaming vertical

Traffic sources: Facebook, PPC, SEO, ASO, In-App and other

Global teamwork:
the employees are always involved in the company’s life to achieve common goals

Our team is growing fast.
We embrace new ideas and invest in people and their ambitions

Ready-made infrastructure
to boost any team’s profit:

Media Buying

Engaged in the lead generation and testing the affiliate campaigns. Consists of more than five large teams focused on the particular traffic sources and strategies

PR Department

Represents the brand on the affiliate scene. Our social media has more to say. PR managers are the ones who brought you to this site; they are always ready to promote a personal brand of any employee

Graphic and
layout design

Creates custom landings based on requests by media buyers to boost the conversion rates


The most powerful in the company! All the details are under NDA.


Consists of three equal units:

App Solution – app development and unique design, store management and troubleshooting

IT Development – development of services like internal CRM, bots, smartlink and custom push notifications

Support & Integration - assistance to media buyers with setting up the traffic flows, landings integrations, and traffic tracking


Takes on all the tasks of searching and generating all the essentials for media buyers and for publishing apps in stories

hr department

Responsible for the recruiting new candidates for teams and departments, onboarding, employee development through training and coaching, as well as for organizing legendary team activities and building ZM's corporate culture


Includes various specialists: BDM, Account and Sales managers who share the tasks of communication with advertisers on terms and offers and further accounting


Conducts in-depth analysis of user behavior and improves the quality of traffic

Motion design

Helps the media buying creating the unique and prime creatives


>5 years of

300+ employees

global team

65K deps


animation bg bg mobile


workflow automation: dashboards,
bots and internal CRM

in-house apps development

unique creatives and landings

top and private offers

transparent reward system

transparent motivatioN system


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What's the difference between
ZorbasMedia and ZM team?

ZM is a huge holding company that includes a group of projects.

ZorbasMedia is a well-known affiliate marketing media with a website full of helpful articles and plenty of interviews and streams on the YouTube channel.

ZM team is a media buying company.
Not just a team, but a company, because we have a strong infrastructure of many departments and a huge media buying that includes a variety of teams working with different sources and approaches. As well as a decent volumes of traffic and a wide range of our partners.

How to get on the team?

It’s easy! There are two ways:

  • Contact our HR manager on Telegram @ZMTeamHR and don’t forget to attach your resume
  • Start our Telegram bot @zmrecruitingbot and fill out the form.
Who are you taking on your team?

We are recruiting:

  • Middle and Senior media buyers (monthly profit $10k+)
  • Team leaders
  • Team owners
  • Already working in a team / for a company? We will anonymously provide all information about prospects and resources, and also ensure the fastest and most comfortable integration.
  • Already have your own structure? We will help to scale and provide assistants and support from our experts.
  • Working solo? We will help to integrate into the team with our expertise.

However, our company has many different projects: from an apps rental service to affiliate marketing media. All of them are constantly growing, so we are ready to consider different specialists.

All current vacancies are in our telegram bot @zmrecruitingbot.

There you can also find a form for applicants without experience. By filling it out, you will be included in the reserve, which we turn to when teams have vacancies for assistants.

Office work or remote:
What is right for ZM team?

Today ZM has several offices. If the location suits you, then welcome! We have also built our processes so that every employee can work from anywhere in the world without losing efficiency and maintaining a close connection with the company.

Who does ZM cooperate with?

The list of ZM team partners is quite large: these are top companies in the iGaming industry and well-known services. We are always aimed at long-term win-win cooperation with our partners.

For all questions regarding interaction with the ZM team, you can always contact our BDMs.

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The main resource of ZM is a powerful team that keeps the company’s leading position on the affiliate scene.

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